The Incredibles Costume

The Halloween holiday is not celebrated as much here in Australia as it is in the US. However, in the last couple of years, having a Halloween party is becoming very popular, which means donning costumes.

A lot more shops have different Halloween costumes on their racks. Also, a lot of the craft blogs in America have a lot of their projects dedicated to Halloween. So not wanting to be left behind, I also made a little costume for Joshua.

Remember my Super Glove Dog?

Available in my Etsy store


Well the superhero mask inspired me as well as having “The Incredibles” DVD which the boys love.

So about an hour ago, I decided to make Josh an Incredibles outfit – just a very simple one mind you.

I got the template for their emblem from here. I thought of maybe painting it on to a plain red t-shirt I bought for him a few weeks ago, but that would take up to much time with so many layers of colours.

So what I did was cut up the shapes onto a double sided iron-on adhesive on different coloured cotton fabric and here is the outcome.


Then I cut out the mask from black felt and attached elastic for the band.


I cannot wait for Josh to wake up tomorrow morning and get dressed in his “Dash” Incredibles t-shirt and mask.


31st October 2010: Here’s Josh with his outfit on.


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