My Own Computer

Woo hoo! I got my own computer. Hubby’s lovely boss gave us his old computer from work. So last night I re-arranged my sewing area again to accommodate the computer. Just waiting to get a router to connect it to the internet then I’ll be good to go.

Funny, the other day I was thinking of maybe getting a little notebook computer to house all of my Cook You Some Noodles “stuff” and have it near my sewing area to work more “efficiently” and hope to blog more often.

Mind you, our desktop computer is just behind my sewing tables so it’s not as if it’s in another room. But hey, my wish came true. Will let you know when I make my first post from it.

Here it is looking lovely with all my other sewing and crafting things.


I also utilised a wooden kitchen trolley from IKEA that had been empty beforehand. It now houses most of my fabrics and gives me extra cutting space – helps a lot more as I’m now bending down when cutting.


And the other table is next to the sewing machine/computer table – a nice wide work station.


Weekend update:

On Friday, my brother gave us his childrens’ slide as my niece and nephew have outgrown it. We bought padded mats Saturday morning and set it up for the boys to enjoy. We were lucky that day that the sun was out in the morning, but come midday storm clouds came and it rained the rest of Saturday and Sunday.

Here’s Josh enjoying the slide.


And here’s Zach taking it easy on the chair, then later on a little bit closer to the ground.


Along the way, here’s what I’ve made.

A little pink capelet – an order from our real estate agent.


And new felt shoes – available in my etsy store.


That’s it for the moment – back to my work station.


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