New Baby Stuff

Okay, spent a bit more on new baby clothing patterns, but here’s my thinking behind it – why not take advantage of the 2 different seasons of the northern and southern hemispheres?

As you know, I have the Leila and Ben Little Cap pattern and here is my latest offering of it – light weight knit jersey little cap


Leila and Ben have some great patterns available and yesterday I bought these 3 patterns for $15:

Photo courtesy of Leila and Ben

Photo courtesy of Leila and Ben


I’m yet to get started on these. If I want to sell the items I make from these patterns, I  have to also buy the license to produce them commercially – I’ll wait first to see how I go making the bolero and with the earflap cap, I’ll see what yarn I’ve got in my stash.

However, the 3rd pattern, I bought the license as well straight away – they are just way too cute.

Photo courtesy of Leila and Ben


I’ve already made 2 and they’re now in my etsy shop.


I made the burnt orange one first and finished it last night. I thought this morning when Josh was in a good mood, I’d get him to model it for me… okay, there was a little bit of bribing involved (I promised I’d set up his train set for him) and he was very willing – posing and smiling.


However, he wasn’t too keen on posing for the green one – what for? His train set was already set up?

As a back-up plan, last night I made my own body form from the same pattern as the baby model (I just made it wider for a size 2 width)


The capelets sits really well on it, much better than just on a hanger.


During a little break, I also made this cute diaper cover in yellow-green hippo print – cute!



I’m really loving being able to take photos outside in natural light – so much difference.

Okay, might put my feet up for a little bit. Have a good day all!



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