Baby Mannequin

I want to make a few more baby clothes and plan on making sure I take better photos of my creations when I put them online.

With the diaper covers, it works well when they are displayed on a hanging line with 2 little wooden pegs clipping them on.


The reversible open back dress on its own is also fine to hang on the line with pegs.


However, the set together seemed a bit 2 dimensional on a hanger.


So I started scouting around for baby models online. I saw some body forms


and mannequins


both from Shopfitting Direct. The mannequin was a bit pricey for me at the moment (especially just starting out) but the model form was okay, but you would need minimum order of $50 in total.

So back to the drawing board to think what other ways I can display my yet to be made baby clothing range.

Then it hit me … Nuno Dolls. This is where I got the pattern for my Mariane Dolls. It provides a tutorial and pattern for a life size baby doll.

So yesterday, I got out some calico fabric and started cutting, sewing and putting together a cloth baby mannequin.

I thought I’d just make it roughly and didn’t take much care in putting it together. However, it turned out much better than I thought … I may have to make another one (once I get my baby clothing range started).

So here she is – I did start to make yarn hair for her but I thought I’d just leave her bald at the moment. I did put to pearl pins in her ear lobes for earrings. She is size of a 3 month old.

I must say, that the first head I made for her was a little bit too small – it was only the size as a newborn (14″ head circumference). So I re-jigged the pattern and made it a bit wider so then it would be the head circumference of an average 3 month old (16″).


Here are a few pics of her.


Look at her fingers – don’t they look as cute and chubby as real ones.


Here’s what she looks like without any duds on.


And finally, here she is with her reversible dress on and even cute little flowers on her head.


Now I have a baby girl!


3 thoughts on “Baby Mannequin

  1. You should sell these!!! You have no idea how hard it is to find a baby form that isn’t a plastic doll or on a metal pole. I make tutu’s and I’d be willing to purchase one from you if you’re willing! please email me!

    • Hi Debra. Thanks for stopping by. At this stage, there is no plan to make and sell them, yet 🙂 Still a bit busy at the moment, but will look into it in the very near future. I want to try another one before considering whether to make it available for purchase (I think this first one was a bit of a fluke). But I will sure let you know how I go. Mariane 🙂

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