Where Do I Find The Time?

A few people have asked me where do I find the time to make all of my creations with 2 little boys? Well, really it’s not rocket science what I do. And women are known to be multi-tasked.

Like a lot of mums out there, whether they are stay-at-home ones or have work outside the home, you manage.

First of all, it’s a bit easier to do what I do because I enjoy it. Also, it’s possible when my boys are like this:

Zach being sweet …


 … or Josh being cheeky, even when he’s sick with a cold.


Also when they are asleep.

 Zach so knackered from the day’s activities.


Okay, here Josh is really not asleep (you can see his cheekiness in that little grin) – he just wanted to pose for the camera like his brother 😀


So thanks to my well behaved boys (most of the time) and my very supportive husband, that’s how!


Oh, also helps when I blog about it in the wee hours of the morning when they’re all asleep.


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