Skirted Diaper Bloomers

I bought this pattern of skirted diaper covers from back in early September but haven’t had the chance to make it until now.

As I mentioned before, I am in the process of trying to figure out my product offering. At this stage, I make what I like. I am finding that some things are much easier to make, but may not be as exciting to do. Others I like making, but having to make another one is not as exciting as the first time.

I am discovering that my craftiness is being driven by inspirations I see all around. It can be things I see from my favourite craft blogs or it can be from what I see at the shops or in a magazine.

The first skirted diaper bloomers I made was inspired by this cute little bikini from Seafolly.

Photo courtesy of Seafolly Australia


I had black and white cotton fabric I bought from IKEA and plain 100% black cotton plus black bias tape and elastic. so I had everything I needed to try out this pattern.

Apart from attaching and sewing the bias tape around the legs being a bit finicky, I like making these bloomers.



Then today, I eyed out a multi-coloured polka dots fabric in my stash and had to make one of that too.


These are sizes 0-3months. Makes me want to have a baby girl just to put these on her … okay, maybe not, the boys are a handful enough 😀


Also did you notice my new labels?


Yay, they arrived a couple of days ago and I have been putting them on a few of my finished products already. It’s so nice to have your own label on things you’ve handmade.

It’s just very simple as I had to think of something I can put both on my bags and children’s products.  I bought them from Fancy Weaver – I was happy with their service and will go back to them again. These were the 200 pieces for US$45.00 (free shipping).


Okay, sun’s breaking through the grey clouds – gonna play trains with Josh outside.


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