Fabric Covered Notebooks

This is where I’m at with the My Little Dollies. The boys and I were going to go to the shops to get more supplies, but they were having too much fun playing and chasing each other, so why get in the way of that. What struggle with socks and shoes and the youngest not wanting to get strapped in the pram, no thank you!


Don’t they look yummy in their bright outfits. As you can see 4 of them are ready to get poly filled and their facial features added, but I had other ideas I wanted to try out first.


 Now I’m a list maker from way back and have a lot of To Do lists lying around every where. I had bought a lot of notepads to use for the Crayon Art Folios (as seen below).


I wanted to dress them up a bit so I tried to make my own list taker cover and this is what I ended up with.


Turned out okay, but I didn’t use a sturdier interface so the front cover is a bit floppy. Other patterns use pieces of cardboard to line the inside to make it sturdy, so may have to try that next time.

Then the other day, I saw this tutorial for Inspire to Create Journal from Little Big Girl Studio and was “inspired” to try it out as I also had the white and yellow stripe fabric from IKEA.

Photo courtesy of LBG Studio


Here’s my version – not as nice as Vanessa’s – but good enough for first try. Now this time I did use a stiffer interface but I don’t like how it turned out. When you iron it on it just doesn’t seem to sit nice and smooth. I’ve read all the handy tips to applying it but it still doesn’t seem to work for me (see the light pink polka dot panel? Just lumpy.



Now over the weekend, I bought these cute little notebooks that I knew would look nice with a fabric cover. They look colourful enough on their own, but hey, being as crafty now as I am, I can’t just leave them in their original state ;). I like the size of it as it’s small enough to throw in a small purse (5″ x 5.5″x 0.75″).


I saw this notebook cover from stitch/craft.

Photo courtesy of stitch/craft


Isn’t it a great idea embroidering your kids’ art work on it? She got the Journal Cover tutorial from Bloom and Blossom.

Photo courtesy of Bloom and Blossom


So after altering the measurements to fit, this was my first attempt.


Nice? I tried a second one, adjusting the width of the inside flaps (as I was wanting to add a little pocket for my business cards) – didn’t end up wide enough for a pocket, will have to re-adjust measurements again on the next one I make.


I now have a reason to keep those tiny little scraps of fabrics, use them as nice patchwork embellishments.

The next cover I want to try, I’m gonna add a wristlet strap to clip my keys on and a zippered pocket to house my cards and coins – will be useful little notebook purse for quick trip to the shops.


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