I Love Surprises

I just love surprises! Both giving and receiving.

My friends had their second baby daughter early August and our family is yet to see her. I made a few things and was waiting for the time to visit to give it to her but both families’ hectic schedules haven’t been in sync, so I thought I’d just post it without telling my friend.

She received it today and she was very surprised – yay! The reaction I was after. She loves it all.

Here are the things I sent.


I made her a name bean/rice bags.


2 fruit baby bibs.


And a crochet brimmed beanie with flowers.

Newborn Brimmed Beanie - Orange with White and Pink Flower


Here’s little Freya with the beanie on (thanks to her mum Shaye for sharing the pic)


Adorable – even her outfit matches!


Now as for receiving surprises I got 2 today. I had ordered a baking set from my friend A-M (she’s a Tupperware host) but I wasn’t expecting to get it today. Her husband Dean was kind enough to drop it by. I can’t wait to start making cookies and biscuits with Josh.


The second surprise was a lovely Thank You gift from Dean’s Under 12s Basketball team.

A while back, I had made Mariane Keychain Dolls for Dean to give to his team for a special game they had interstate – according to the girls’ messages to me, the dolls brought them good luck!


All their messages were so lovely and I’m so glad my creations bring joy to those that receive them – thanks girls!

Dean is the one on the left the super coach

So today was such a lovely day – big smiles all around.


One thought on “I Love Surprises

  1. Surprises all round, lovely!!
    Do you think you could make that second last photo above (memorabilia) into a poster so Dean could put it up at the stadium? And I think I saw a photo of the other team you did with the coach in it as well? Make up something creative to promote your business and Dean can come and pick it up and put it up at the stadium for you. What do you think?

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