Getting Organised

I was too embarrassed to take a photo of what my sewing area was like before I organised it last night. 

However, thanks to Living with Punks DIY: Custom Design Board, it inspired me to get cleaning and organising. 

Photo courtesy of Living with Punks



Like Susan, I have sooo many things on my To Do list and I have so many different little notebooks that I jot down my thoughts on. Because I’m a visual person, these clipboards will be great to keep all the things I need to do and things I want to do handy. 

So off I went to K-mart last night to buy some clipboards. My ones aren’t as funky as the ones in Living with Punks, but the colourful Project Sheets she provides is good enough. 


I like these sheets because it has so much space to jot down my ideas, place fabric swatches and keep the patterns I need clipped at the back. 


I also organised my shelving and storage area. I got rid of the things that I do not use on a regular basis (placed them in another cupboard) and organised all the things I need all the time and made sure they were easily accessible from my sewing chair. 


Now my sewing table is clean and can house the big cutting mat that my Mum gave me – don’t you just love Mums. This will make cutting patterns so much quicker. 


Off to the left of the table is my fabric stash – that I still have to re-organise. But atleast with the other area cleared I’m focused and motivated again. 


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