Farm Animal Puppets

Okay, okay … breathe, don’t get too excited or else I may pass out. I saw this great tutorial from Craft Gossip  (geez, I love that site) for Old McDonald Had a Farm Puppet Set (by Larissa from Just Another Day In Paradise).  


Photo courtesy of Just Another Day In Paradise



Zach is now quickly copying a lot of things we say and sing to him, so I thought what a great way to learn our animal noises with puppets. And of course, I know Josh would love it to.  

I asked Josh which he would like me to make first, cat or a dog (didn’t want to give him too many choices in case he picked an animal that may have been too hard to make) and he picked a dog. Before he went to bed, he told me he was excited to see a dog tomorrow morning – ok, no pressure (bite nails).  

So I got out my pieces of felt and proceeded to cut out and sew all the appropriate pieces for the dog.  

I finished the dog, then I moved on to make a cat and because I was enjoying myself too much, I also made the sheep.  

The only thing that stopped me from making the whole set was that it was already late and I didn’t want to have the sewing machine running and inconvenience the neighbours.  

So here are my 3 animals ready for the boys to play with tomorrow. Better brush up on my animal noises.  



And a meow-meow here, a woof-woof there and a bah-bah here … Old McDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-OH!  


I have to make Old McDonald tomorrow, he is way too cute.  

Photo courtesy of Just Another Day In Paradise


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