My First Stenciling

Yay, I made my first stenciling – okay, granted it’s a bit dodgy (I got too eager and painted the next layer before the first was dried) but hey, it worked.

As per previous post, Josh wanted me to stencil a tram on one of his t-shirts (we have a Light Rail here in Sydney and apart from trains and the monorail, it’s his next favourite form of public transport).

I got the free template from picnik. Josh loves it – here he is showing it off with his new pair of shoes.


For other news, I gave Zach a hair cut on Friday – he really looks like a big boy now – not my little baby anymore 😦 – they grow up so fast.


And this week’s Letter of the Week is the letter “D”


Josh is doing really well recognising the different letters of the alphabet as well as singing the alphabet song … A-B-C-P … K-Men-D … X-Y-Zed … Sing with Me!



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