Clock Pillow

Ok, before I start to write about this latest project of mine, I must say that I need to keep my mouth shut! That is, if I want to make something for the boys, especially Josh, I need to make sure I make it then and there or even better when I’m about to finish it. Otherwise, what happens is a little boy following me around chanting whatever project I had mentioned I would make.

Example, “Railway tram, railway tram, railway tram”. So I finished the railway tram stencil on his t-shirt from yesterday and the chanting stopped.


Until I mentioned I’d make him a clock pillow. Well of course, this morning “Mummy, make a clock pillow” over and over again.

I saw this clock pillow tutorial via Craft Gossip a few weeks ago and knew I had to make it for Josh. I made him a cardboard clock a while back, but of course that didn’t last too long.


I used cream fabric with multi-coloured spots and for the face of the clock, we had to have it green – Josh’s favourite colour (if it was up to him, the whole thing would be green).

So I finally finished it, but now Josh is having his nap, so you get to see it before him.


Can’t wait for Josh to wake up now and play with it 🙂



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