Freezer Paper

Okay, I wanted to try my hands on stenciling and on a lot of the craft tutorials (in North America) it calls for “freezer paper”.

I thought this shouldn’t be too hard to find in Oz, just go down to the supermarket and find one with all the other kitchen needs like Glad Wrap, aluminium foils and the likes.

A few weeks back I found and bought Glad “Go-Between” Freezer Film and thought this may work. Big NO! As soon as I opened the pack and saw that it was like plastic, I knew this would melt as soon as I put the iron on it.


Today, I went to another supermarket in case they may have something similar to a freezer paper. So I bought both greaseproof paper (baking paper) and waxed lunch wrap thinking it may work the same. Another big NO!

Since I  tried to cut out a stencil pattern on the 2 papers today with Josh watching on, I had gotten his hopes up of having a tram stenciled onto one of his t-shirts.

So I thought I better do some research on it to see whether this freakin’ (pardon the soft French) freezer paper was even available in Australia.

 So the only place that stocks them is Spotlight and the nearest one was at Bondi Junction. So after calling them to see if they have any in store and asking them to hold it, Josh and I got in the car and went for a nice little drive.

They only had 6 metres left in the box, so now I have 6 metres worth of freezer paper – YAY!


 So after all those trials with the other sort of paper, the reason it has to be freezer paper is because the other side of the paper has a plastic coating. So when you iron the paper onto fabric, the plastic melts which makes it stick to the fabric, but doesn’t leave any residue after you pull it off.

So after all of that, too tired now to do anything tonight but atleast I know when I do want to stencil, I now have “freezer paper”.


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