The Week So Far …

Thought I’d take a little break from making and do some blogging.  

I am getting constant orders now which is really fabulous. Hubby can tell you how excited I am about this as I bleat at him everytime he walks in through the door after his work. Amanda my friend has helped me a lot bringing my handmade items to the different friends she know that have retail stores.  

I am also loving my good friends ordering things from me, either items for themselves or gifts for the little ones they know.  

And my online stores (etsy and made it) are slowing getting sales in.  

It is now trying to balance the custom orders vs. new items I want to try out. So I’ve decided not to be too hard on myself for wanting to create new things and just really make sure I give myself enough time to finish orders in time.  


Here’s a quick catch up of some of the things I’ve made.  

I bought a pattern from for a shoulder bag back in mid August and made one for myself pretty much the next day.  

Photo courtesy of



My friend Amanda saw it and wanted one too and I finished her order last Friday.  



This bag is great as it is so huge than it can fit so much in it. The pattern has one internal pocket with a velcro closure, but I made the one for Amanda with a zipper for extra security for your purse. I will be making another one soon to put in my store in the same fabric colour as the one in the photo above.  


I made another Inset Zip Pouch but yet to put it in my etsy store. SOLD 



I also finished another big order for my friend A-M.  



So here we’ve got a strawberry baby bib,  Curly Sue the sock monkey, 3 sets of appliqued tie onesies with matching crochet brimmed caps, an iPhone case, a Pirate Matryoshka bed warmer and 2 Rope Necklace Scarves.  


Along the way, I’ve made a few things for Josh. I had a great big box that had a lot of scrap fabrics which I sorted and got rid of a lot of things that wouldn’t have been useful. In the end I had an empty box that made a fantastic car for Josh.  


I used plastic plates as a steering wheel and used one of Josh plastic forks to hold it in place.  

I also cut out tiny slots in the box for the ignition and door lock so Josh can pretend to use car keys.  


Finally, safety first so I added a seat belt from an old fabric belt I wasn’t using anymore.  


In the meantime, while Josh was enjoying driving his car, Zach and I had lots of fun giggling.  



He is starting to love the camera now – love his big grin here! Painting in the background by my friend Shaye.  


Finally, I saw this DIY Nap Mat/Bed Roll by Prudent Baby via Craft Gossip …  

Photo courtesy of Prudent Baby


… and just had to make one for Josh. This way he can take it with him when he goes to his grandparents’ place and also practise napping in it ready for school.  

I used one of his old baby fleece blanket for the top and a queen size quilt cover that I was going to amend for his single sized bed. But instead used it for this mat bed (with extra bits for another one I’ll make for Zach).  

Here’s Josh loving taking naps in it.  


Love how he has his little foot out of the blanket – so like his Dad.  


Okay, better get back to some more sewing – happy weekend to all.


2 thoughts on “The Week So Far …

  1. I love your Anita Bag from
    I am thinking in make one and I would like to find the same fabric you used
    I was wondering if you know the name or the designer of the fabric

    • Hi Cristina. Thank you for the nice comment. The fabric was an IKEA fabric and not sure if they still have it available at all and I’ve forgotten the name of it too. Sorry, not as helpful. Have fun sewing though 🙂 ~ Mariane xxx

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