Manic Monday

Manic but very fruitful Monday.

Most of the day, I worked on my new Inset Zip Pouches. I’ve really enjoyed this pattern very much and loove that it comes in 2 sizes (pouch and clutch).

I’ve already made 2 of the clutch size – 11″ wide x 6.75″ high:


The silk shantung one on the right has already been sold (yay!) and the red and white one is in my etsy store.

The great thing about it is, it’s been featured in a Treasury Favourite “Candy Cane Stripes” on etsy (check it out here) – so this hopefully brings more visitors into my store.


I finished 3 inset zip pouches just a few hours ago and I am very happy with how they turned out. I embellished it with detachable fabric roses that has both brooch and hair clip backing.

They are now available in my etsy store. If they prove to be popular, I may make a few in the same fabric and feature it as Bride’s Maids gift idea.


In between making these pouches, I played with the boys. When Zach had his nap, Josh and I made crafty things with toilet paper rolls.

We made an apple tree (Josh glued the apples), a rocket (he cut up the red paper for the fire and glued it on the side of the rocket) and a train and passengers (Josh glued the hair and drew eyebrows on them, because mum forgot to draw them on).

So adorable winking at Mummy.


When Zach woke up, he greeted me with the biggest grin – ah, he just melts my heart. Love my boys!


Finally, to finish the day off is the Letter of the Week – the letter “C”


As mentioned in previous posts for the Letter of the Week, I said I was going to attach magnets on the back of the letters so they can easily be stored on the fridge door. What I did was cut up small circles from those advertising magnets you get in the mail and hot glued them on.


Now they’re safely stored away ready for play and when more letters are made and learnt, Josh can start spelling words.


What a great day it was – bring on Tuesday!


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