Fabric Flowers

Fabric Flowers seems to be the fashion craze at the moment – and one I am loving. I cannot pass any women’s clothing shop window at the moment without seeing fabric flower hair accessories and flower embellished handbags and shoes.

 There are also a lot of craft tutorials out there showing you how to make different styled flowers.

 One of the ones I like is from Martha Stewart’s Weddings site for the Peony.


  My favourite flowers are from Emerson Made.


I’ve wanted to attempt making similar flowers in the past but had never had the guts to even try it out … until early in the wee hours of this morning (2am).

  So I made up a petal template and proceeded cutting out the fabric. With a little bit of trial and error, this was the final outcome.



Not too bad for the first attempt.

 So today I tried it out on 2 other coloured cotton fabrics, sprayed it with starch to give the petals some stiffness and applied “Fray Stoppa” (stops fraying of fabric).



I love them that I’m gonna keep them. Pity the weather outside isn’t ready yet to have flowers in your hair. So I opted for wearing all 3 on my cardigan.




I can’t wait to make more of them.



2 thoughts on “Fabric Flowers

  1. Hey even i came across the Emerson Flowers recently and i’d be happy if you could share some tips on how to go about it I must say it isn’t a bad attempt at all
    cheers Terencia:)

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