Matryoshka Bed Warmer

I saw this tutorial for a Matryoshka Microwable Bed Warmer from Bluebelle Design a while back.

Hubby and I have no need for an electric blanket in bed, however it is nice to jump into a warm bed. In the past, hubby has been wonderful enough to warm a big towel in the dryer and then put it on my side of the bed as a surprise.

But now a days, I don’t go to bed until way past hubby’s bedtime. So when I saw this tutorial, I had to make a bed warmer for myself.

Here’s the one I made for myself.

She’s been such a warming comfort on those cold nights.


My friend A-M, upon spotting this bed warmer, combined with seeing the flannelette fabric below, wanted me to make a bed warmer for her little nephew  Spider.


 I couldn’t really make the doll a girl version, so after much thought and inspiration from Lil Blu Boo’s Pirate Matryoshka, I made a Pirate Matryoshka.

I added a few drops of eucalyptus oil and also added red tags on the sides as babies love biting on tags.



Arrrrr – let me keep you warrrm!


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