Letter of the Week

We’re making learning the alphabets fun for Josh. I made him a felt letter A at the beginning of last week as the letter of the “day”. However, we decided to only concentrate on one letter a week so as not to bombard him with too much information.


Sesame Street in the meantime allows him to learn other letters along the way. It has been fun for hubby and I to see Josh recognise the letter A in most of the things he encounters, like the A’s in “MADE IN INDIA” on the bottle of the laundry liquid and the A’s on the different shop names he saw this week.


So for this week, we have the letter B.


Can’t wait to see his reaction. As for his numbers, he is quite confident with numbers 1 to 10, with a few stumbles when he has an audience when counting. He’s seen on my cutting mat that there are numbers beyond 10 and he cleverly recited 11, 12 and 13 as “one-ten, two-ten and three-ten”.

This gave me the indication that he’s ready for the next set. As he already has counting bean/rice bags for his 1-10, I thought of something else to make to make for numbers 11-20.


So I decided t make felt fish for a fun fishing game. So far, I’ve made 11-14, once again so I don’t inundate him with too much (although real reason too for making one letter and one number at a time is because the blanket stitching does take a bit of time to do).

So here are the fish so far, and Josh gets to decide what colour fish next that I make – so once again, we learn our colours too.


At the moment, for the fishing rod I only have a piece of magnet attached to a piece of wool yarn. I got hubby to buy me wooden dowel from the hardware store, but I’m yet to cut it down to size and get a hole drilled at one end to attach the string to.

In the meantime, the string work fine – great way for Josh to work on his motor skills.


So much for doing nothing today (craft wise). I did managed to have a late afternoon nap for a couple of hours. But after dinner, I made a strawberry baby bib and cut up pattern pieces for an iPhone case and bed warmer – part of an order I have from one of my friends.


So that’s it for now, good night!



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