Presents for My Little Niece

My niece turned 5 the other day and today was her birthday party, so of course Aunty had to make special presents for her.

Leila and Ben were the ones that I bought the Little Cap pattern from and they’re kind enough to provide this free cute little pattern for a unisex vest.

So I made one for my niece in size 5T, using brown cords and multicoloured polka dots for the lining and the collar.


Of course, I had to make her a Crayon Art Folio aswell (I gave her older brother one as a present when he had his First Communion).


I used iron-on adhesive to stick Stacey’s name on it.


I am making headbands and will soon have them available in my online shops, but here are 2 ribbon headbands I made for my niece.


Here she is modelling it for me while sucking on her lolly pop – gorgeous.


The week that was:

  • Hubby took me to dinner last night but I didn’t have enough time to make a new bag ;), so instead I just made a new fabric flower brooch to go with one of the clutches I already had.


  • As mentioned, I am in the process of making headbands and also flower brooches and hair clips ready for Spring. Here’s a cream chiffon peony brooch.


  • Here’s Josh very proud of putting his train tracks all by himself and wanted me to take out my camera so his train can say “Cheese!”. He resorted to putting it all together himself after much waiting for mummy to stop sewing.


So that how it was this week. I did manage to get a tiny bit of rest Thursday afternoon – napped with one ear open while the boys played around me in the lounge room and from time to time had them sitting on my head to let me know they love me.

Plan for tomorrow is to do absolutely nothing, maybe …



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