A Big Order Finished

Sigh of relief I’ve finished a big order of Rope Necklace Scarves. The store in Lennox, NSW who ordered a few last time has ordered some more – so happy it must be selling well.

I started the project a little bit earlier than I normally do, but because of the repetition of making them, I snuck in a few new different projects in between (for a bit of variety). Still stayed up too late (or rather early in the morning) to make them so very tired and cranky-mummy was out for a few days – sorry boys, happy-mummy coming back soon.

I’ll have 2 new colours of Rope Necklace Scarves available in my online stores soon – after my big rest.

Here they are, they look like rainbow coloured spaghetti.


So my friend Amanda is taking them up to Lennox over the weekend and as a little thank you for her generous kind help, I made her a little clutch bag.

I used Noodlehead’s Gathered Clutch tutorial. The fabric I used is Majken from IKEA in white/green/black. She has ordered a bag from me that I am making in this fabric, so I thought a matching clutch would like great with it.


I attached my new swing tags and at the back printed a little quote from Major burns from M.A.S.H.


Okay, To Do List :

  • Get some sleep
  • Finish next set of order
  • Launch new accessory range for Spring – very excited about this one too.


Looking at my list, I know I’d probably do 1. Get some sleep as the last thing. Any other crafters out there who put “rest” last on their To Do List?


3 thoughts on “A Big Order Finished

  1. I just discovered your blog, and wanted to tell you how wonderful I think it is! I enjoyed browsing through your old posts and even bookmarked some of them for my own “to make” list! I think the counting bean(rice) bags are just brilliant! I loved the bright colors and the idea that you can play with them and just SEE the numbers every day! What a great idea!

    • Thanks so much Naomi! There are so many talented crafter-mums out there that I just have to try andmake their fabulous ideas. My 3 year old loves using the counting bean bags as stepping stones and recites the numbers (or colours) as he steps along. I looked at your blog too and you’re little ones are just adorable. Thank you for stopping by and chat to you again soon.

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