This Week I Felt …

This week I felt awful – I’ve been ill all week – just getting better now. However, the orders to be made did not stop nor care that I had teary eyes, runny nose, itchy throat and aching body.


I also used felt for the 2 orders I finished this week. First on the list was an order for 11 Mariane Keychain Dolls as mementos for a basketball team – the customer wanted 10 girls and one of the coach aswell.



I’m also trialing new designs for my swing tags – here’s my current one.


I saw this free tutorial for hang tags from Craft Gossip, so I wanted to try to make some myself. Here are some of the ones I made up.




For the Mariane Keychain Dolls I put their names on the 3rd tag.




Now I just have to figure out an economical way of printing them. If I print them myself, it’s just going to cost too much on HP ink. Another way is that I still have free prints available from the store I bought my camera from … hmmmm?


The second item was Scarecrow (from Wizard of Oz) Mariane Doll. Here are some of the other dolls I’ve made for my friend.





Follow the yellow brick road.


This week I also felt like re-arranging (again) my sewing area – I think the change lifted my mood.


The 2 tables put together like that actually doubles my work space, so maybe that’s what motivated me through the blocked nose and headaches of the flu.


Okay, onwards and upwards. Lots more things to do – loving the constant orders, but I really have to start planning a lot better from now on.


3 thoughts on “This Week I Felt …

  1. Far out you have been so busy despite being sick! Well done – what an inspiration!

    The keychains look fantastic, the girls will love them! And I love your new swing tags – they look really professional!

    Great stuff as usual Mariane!

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