My New Bag and Purse

Last Wednesday, Hubby told me he was taking me out on Friday to a dinner and a movie. So I thought, great! Good reason to make myself a new bag.

I bought these 2 Pattern Combo from back in May, but haven’t been able to make it until this week. I made the smaller version which is the Charming Tote Bag.

Photo courtesy of


I also had a nice red cotton fabric I bought from IKEA which I’ve wanted to use and this was the perfect opportunity for it.


Of course I had to make a matching purse to go with it. I used Keyka Lou’s Pocket Clutch pattern. At first I used a leopard print fabric for the lining, but in the end I wasn’t as keen on it – here’s the first go.


I made another one with the lining the same fabric as the exterior. However, I still wanted to use the leopard print, so I used it for a Business Card Wallet instead.


So here’s my little bag and purses combo.


I absolutely love it and have been using it all weekend.



One thought on “My New Bag and Purse

  1. I love this purse! I made one a month or so ago for a friend and I was really happy with how it turned out. Now I want to try the larger version!

    I really like your coordinating set 🙂

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