Glove Dog

I saw this book at Dymocks store a while back but left it on the shelf. Eversince, I had been thinking about it so I bought it a few weeks back.

It’s Miyako Kanamori’s Sock and GloveCreating Charming Soft Friends from Cast-off Socks and Gloves.


The first item I really wanted to make was the Dog on the cover. However, I hadn’t found any gloves that would do it justice.

The book suggests to buy cotton gloves from DIY stores, so I had been scouting out for ones in every store I go to. Nothing found until yesterday. I went to the Hot Dollar shop in Chatswood Westfield and bought all 12 of their Work Gloves off the shelf.


While Hubby and Zach were napping this morning and Josh was occupied with his Duplo Pet Shop, I started to make Billy the Dog from page 2-3.

Once I finished his face, I just thought he was very cute. I also made him a little yellow scarf.


I am going to make him in different outfits, expressions – options are just endless. Hubby too has given lots of very clever suggestions. Now only to find more time in a day …



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