Party Preps

Ok, being a “crafty Mum” meant I wanted to make a few things for Josh’s birthday party rather than buy them. So I scoped the world-wide web for different ideas on what I could make myself.

Now mind you, I only started making things Thursday (party was on yesterday) but I work better that way I think – I know, not very efficient.


First one on the list was some sort of party hats. I got this one from Curly Pop’s – How to Make a Superhero Headband

I made one at first and got Joshua to try it on. If he wasn’t going to be open to the idea of wearing headbands, there was no point of making anymore if the birthday boy wasn’t interested.

He liked the idea and asked to wear it every day up to the party date.

Here’s my version.


The kids can take these home with them. They are attached with velcro at the back and can be adjustable.


Next item on the list was to make cake toppers. I decided to make cup cakes for the kids and get them to decorate it themselves and just get a small cake for the grown ups. To continue the theme of the superhero, I made star cake toppers and put each child’s initials on it. These are made of felt and toothpicks. I coloured coordinated the colours of the stars for each child with the same colour they’ll have on their superhero headbands.


Next I wanted to make birthday buntings but with little time left, I opted out of making actual “Happy Birthday” bunting and just made a “JOSHUA” bunting (which I can put up in his room afterwards).

I used the same polka dot fabrics as some of the superhero headbands and felt. For the ribbon, I used a red and white striped one I picked up from the bargain bin from a Lincraft sale.

The triangle measurement was 13cm for the base and 16cm for the sides of the triangle. The font used for Joshua’s initial was Printable Bubble Letters from Craft Jr (same used for the letters on the star cake toppers).


Here are the superhero headbands and cake toppers ready to go.

Josh saw these on the table, so he wanted to try his on again.



Josh kept posing and I got quite a few great shots. Here are some of his cheeky ones.


In the meantime, here is my little Zacherooney helping Mummy clean up the flat.


Instead of buying party favour bags, I just bought good ole brown paper sandwich bags, wrote each child’s name on it with coloured markers and used the cake toppers to close the top of it – kids don’t care, it’s the lollies they’re interested in.


Now individually wrapped lollies are quite pricey, so I just bought different bags of lollies, and put a variety in small zip lock bags. I also added a little trinket for the kids – felt rose barrettes for the girls and a Toy Story pez dispenser for Ashley.


2 thoughts on “Party Preps

  1. This all looks so great! I love the superhero party hats! You’ve done a beautiful job Mariane, what a great mum you are. I bet the kids all loved it! xxx

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