Lil’ Sis Dolly

Our realtor called me yesterday asking what stock I had for a 1-year-old girl.

I showed him the My Little Dolly range, Newsgirl caps (available from my etsy store) and the Ruffle Butt Onesie and Baby Mary Jane Shoes set.


He liked the idea of the My Little Dolly. He showed me a picture of the little girl, so I had the idea of making a smaller, younger looking doll. What I did with the original pattern of My Little Dolly is warp the size of it by shortening the height and lengthening the width.  I call this doll Lil’ Sis Dolly.


Instead of mary jane shoes, I gave her an apron (this one is monogrammed with a “B” for the little girl). I used felt for the apron and glued on ribbon for the ties.


For her hair, I sewed 3 strips of black ribbon and securely sewed it on. Babies love any sorts of tags. I have to be careful now with the toys I make and ensure they’re child friendly. Any dolls with small parts will not be suitable for children under 3. Her facial features are hand embroided.


I also remembered to attach on my CYSN label on the side. Thinking of getting professional labels in the near future (just waiting for my business cards to arrive).


Here’s Lil’ Sis Dolly with her big sister.


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