Week Update

Aargh! I don’t like that’s it’s raining again! I managed to get the 2 boys to nap at the same time (still napping from 11.30am – now 1.41pm) and had planned to go outside for an outing, and it starts to rain again. Oh well, have to think of another indoor activity for us.

In the meantime, here’s what I have been up to.


Planning Josh’s 3rd birthday party and scouting out craft blog pages that has projects relating to boys’ birthday party ideas – thinking of making my own birthday banner, party hats, party favours and games. Now actually executing it all on time, well that’s another story.

Also, this week I have been a bit ill, so been taking it easy on the projects and just doing little bits and pieces here and there.


My nephew had his birthday recently and at first when I asked him what he’d like for his birthday, he said money (so he could buy whatever he wanted – fair enough). However, when he saw the boys’ felt food, he wanted them instead of money. I got him to choose which set he wanted me to make and he chose the Fast Food Set and chocolate ice cream on a waffle cone – patterns from umecraft on etsyFelt Hamburger Fast Food, Fries and Drink Play Set (Email Patterns and Instructions)

DIY Felt Ice Creams - Popsicle, Ice Cream Cones, Soft Ice Cream (Patterns and Instructions via Email)
  Here’s what I’ve done so far – the chocolate milk shake and fries.


Tomorrow we are going to a little girl’s 3rd birthday party (from Mums’ Group). I thought I’d give her one of the dolls I made from the Black Apple Doll Pattern I made previously – I also gave her orange shoes. Here’s cute Sleepy Sue.


As part of the start of the new financial year, I thought I’d also start to re-organise my sewing area again. Here’s what I’ve done so far on that front.


I folded the smaller pieces of fabric and placed them in coloured baskets for better organisation – we’ll see how long that lasts :P.


I also put up a couple of shelves above my cutting table to house some of the merchandise I’ve finished.


So did a few bits and bobs this week. This weekend, off to a party and check out the Toys ‘R Us sale. Have a great weekend all.


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