Little Girl Doll and Purse Gift Set

We went to my friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday party yesterday and I made her handmade fabric doll and matching purse set.

I designed the doll through trial and error and the bag pattern I discovered from this article featured on Craft Gossip.

I stitched on 2 cute little felt hair clips with flower bradlettes on it and made her red felt mary-jane shoes.


I embroided her facial features.


The fabric I used for the little purse is the same as the doll’s dress and stockings. I changed the size of the handle pattern from what was instructed in the tutorial. I used 2 x (10″x 6″) because I tucked the handles between the exterior and lining rather than sewing on the outside of the purse like pictured below.


I also boxed the bottom corners of the bag.


By sewing the handle between the exterior fabric and lining, you actually make the bag reversible. So what I did was monogram the little girl’s initial on the other side of the bag with the contrasting fabric. I used double-sided iron on adhesive and then blanket stitched for extra security so the bag can been thrown in the wash.



I liked this little gift set so much that I have started my new range of CYSN merchandise – Little Girl Doll and Purse Set.

I have finished 3 dolls already and finishing up on my 4th. I am going to design a little purse myself to go with it, so hopefully they work out well.


5 thoughts on “Little Girl Doll and Purse Gift Set

  1. Cassidy loves her 🙂 I love that her face and arms are made out of a sturdy material and the embroidering on her face is really fantastic. I wanted to ask you if you had named her like your other dolls, I am having trouble coming up with names for all her dolly’s. She loves the little bag to, keeps pointing out there us a ‘C’ on it 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful and thoughtful gift.


    p.s I loce love love Glinda!

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