Sock Monkey

A while back, when I first started making my own craft toys, a friend of mine suggested I make sock monkeys. At first, it was a project I did not even consider due to a couple of reasons: I had not seen any nice long/knee-high socks and I knew the difficulty of stuffing arms and legs of soft plushie toys (if not done right, it’ll be lumpy).

However, yesterday I did see a sock and hosiery stall (at Market City, Chinatown) that had a few great knee-high socks. I bought 2 (multi-coloured stripes and grey argyle pattern ones). The argyle ones I am keeping for myself as “socks” and I used the striped one for my first attempt.

There are a lot of tutorials on the web on how to make sock monkeys, so I used a variety of the techniques to make this sock monkey of mine. Now with a few goes at stuffing the limbs, final outcome is not too bad, but there’s room for improvement.

Now the knee-high socks I bought seem to be normal length ones, however the final result of my sock monkey has VERY LONG limbs – but he turned out VERY CUTE! Yes, this one is a male sock monkey and I’ve named him Laid Back Jack!



Doesn’t he look cheeky!


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