Wide Messenger Bag

I received an order for a Messenger Bag (pattern by Keyka Lou) but she wanted it to be wide enough to be able to fit a folder.

So I just altered the pattern by folding the patterns in half, length ways and then added 9 inches in the middle. The best way to cut this is to fold your fabric in half, measure out 4.5″ from the fold and then place the folded pattern 4.5″ away from the fold.

With this Wide Messenger Bag, I used IKEA’s Saralisa fabric for the exterior flap, the lining of the outside pockets and also for the inside pockets. A black fabric with a bit of shimmer to it is used for the exterior body of the bag and a green cotton canvas for the inside lining.

Because this bag is wide (Dimensions: H 10″ x W 19″ x D 3″) I divided the front pocket in 2 by stitching along the middle. Also, there are a few more slots on the inside pocket.



A view of the outside pockets with the flap folded back.


The inside pockets


Here it is without a folder – it will wrap around nicely around the hips and can enhance an outfit.


I quite like how it turned out. Another project crossed off the To Do List.


My little guys update – when Zach is not eating his crayons, he seems to be drawing squiggles quite well.


And here Josh found another use for his nappies box.


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