Washing Up

Today Josh did his first washing up. I gathered all the plastic and unbreakable plates, bottles and cutlery that needed to get washed, got a big towel to protect the floor, got our step stool and got Josh’s little Thomas The Tank Engine apron to protect his clothes.

Okay, actually I washed up the dirty things first before Josh got to it, but hey, had to wash them myself anyway. It was more that Josh had a go and enjoyed himself.

So once I stacked all the (clean) dishes on the side of the sink, I plugged the sink first, filled it up with warm water and got Josh to squirt the dishwashing liquid. I showed him how to splash the water to make bubbles.

I showed him how to wash the plates, cutlery and bowls and how to use the bottle brush to clean the inside of the milk bottles. We then set it aside on the second empty sink, ready for the next stage of washing up.

Once all the items were cleaned, I got him to pull the plug off and then re-filled the sink again with water.

We rinsed all the plates again and then set them on the dish rack to dry.

He really enjoyed himself and like when the bubbles would  flick onto his face. He did pretty well not getting himself soaked at all.

So here he is having a great time – check out his new hair do too. He wanted to get it cut last night after he saw me cut his brother’s.


Look at that gorgeous smile!



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