Weekend Projects

I was very busy this weekend. Here’s a rundown of what I got up to.

Friday night, Josh gave me an idea to make their jumbo nappy box into a little garage for his toy bus and cars. So I cut out a flap door at the back and 2 windows on each side. But once he drove the bus into the “garage” he actually imagined it to be “Mac” from Cars the Movie.

So I found 2 more little boxes for the front of the truck. The lid of the smallest box, I used as the door and cut out a little window. I also added a string to the front so Josh could pull it around the house.

The truck has now been separated from its trailer, which is a bit squashed after Zach sat on it.


I also finished a boy doll version of the Black Apple Doll pattern. I call him JD after Joshua (“Danger is my middle name”). I made him a green top which is the same colour as one of Josh’s old tops. I puff painted a little stick horse on the front then dressed Joshua in the same outfit for a photo opp. Josh wasn’t too keen and told me to put the camera away.

Josh telling me to put the camera away and back on the table


Next, I finished another Rope Necklace Scarf in black for my sister-in-law.


I bought more short sleeve onesies in sizes 000, 00, 0 and 1 and half of it, I’ve made applique ties. Here’s the range so far with all the different type of striped fabrics used.   


And finally, I finished a Buttercup Bag custom order for my friend A-M. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed making these bags. This version is the large size (part of a PDF pattern for sale that gives you a license to sell your finished product). I used the Cecilia Fabric from IKEA in Black/White/Green Bird and the straps are approximately 27″ long.

The tutorial for the  fabric flower is from Martha Stewart Weddings . I used the Peony template and because the denim is thick, I only used 6 layers of fabric.

  I added a zipper for closure and made a nice beaded zipper pull for that special touch.


Phew! That was a lot of stuff done, plus hubby and I also fitted in a movie on Saturday afternoon and watched The A-Team. A friend on Facebook asked “If you got everything you wanted to get done in a day, what would you do next? ” I couldn’t even leave a reply as I don’t think I can ever do that. I just have so many things I need to do as well as what I’d like to make in the future. So my “To Do” list is never-ending (and I don’t mind that). Plus most of my days start from 8.30am to 3am :), so I don’t think that constitutes a normal “day”.

My immediate “To Do” list includes a Keyka Lou Messenger bag and 2 custom order Mariane Dolls, then after that work on mine and hubby’s superannuation consolidation and tax return stuff ready for the new financial year. I want to also take the other half of the onesies and make something for little girls – so stay tuned for that.


I also read on Craft Gossip (one of my favourite craft blogs) about Dolly Donations, an organisation whose mission it is to help provide dolls to children who might not otherwise have them, due to poverty or other crisis.  Their current drive is collecting dolls for orphans in Haiti (you can also click on my sidebar Dolly Donation button for the link). So I want to make dolls for that too.


All in all, it was a fantastic week here at our household, apart from a little incident the other night. When hubby came home from work, the boys were so excited to see him, they were running around and then bump heads. Big cries all around and also a big bump on Zachy’s forehead.


So that was the week that was. What about you, what did you get done? If you have a blog, I’d love to see what crafty things you’ve made.


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