More Dolls

I made a few more dolls since the other day when I made my first Black Apple Doll.

The next one I made I increased the size to 200% of the pattern provided. She is quite a good size and one that will be good for preschoolers. She’s 18″ (46cm) from head to toe.

So here is Lou-Lou with a nice blue dress with bright orange colour and a multi-coloured tights. I also attached a “CYSN” label on the side of her dress.


I got Josh to pose with Lou-Lou so you can see a size comparison.


I think on the next shot, Josh wanted to see if she would bounce – nope, she doesn’t!


Next, I wanted to see if I could design my own doll that could run parallel with my Mariane Dolls collection, suitable for younger kids.

Here is my first trial, I think she’s cute. I painted her eyes with acrylic paint (the marking of the magic marker are yet to fade away), I gave her thumbs, but I think I need to have the thumbs facing up. She stands at 15″ tall (38cm)


However, for the moment, I do like the look of the Black Apple Doll pattern. I am in the process of finishing up a boy doll, he is just too cute. Will post pics soon.


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