Paddle Pop Sticks Fun

Zach went down for his morning nap and I was trying to figure out a fun activity for Josh when I remembered that I had multi-coloured paddle pop sticks I bought a long time ago.


At first we just played with them randomly – we grabbed the same coloured paddle pop sticks, made train tracks and roads with them and just picked them up and threw them back on the floor.

Of course, being me, I wanted to make something out of them. Josh is into his play acting at the moment and loves train stations and bus stops. So I thought I’d make a little house for him.

I saw this little cute stick house here and then someone made a tutorial here.

So I plugged in my hot glue gun and started sticking sticks together and here is the result.


Here are the Little People waiting for the bus.


If you’re going to have a bus stop, you also need to have a bench. Joshua loves sitting on any benches we pass by and says he’s at a bus stop. So we need to make a bench for his Little People too, so here it is.


So once completed, I left Josh to his imagination.


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