Lou-Lou With Only One Shoe

As part of my sewing/crafting week, I’ve decided to have atleast part of a day (if not the whole day) dedicated to searching for new projects and trying them out.

Today, I’ve already made the paddle pop sticks house and bench for Josh.


Next, I saw this cute little Black Apple Doll  (by Emily Martin of inside a black apple) featured on Martha Stewart.

 I have a stash of fat quarter fabrics bought from Lincraft that I haven’t touched yet, which I decided to trial one out today.

I liked the striped stocking leg effect, so used multi-coloured striped fabric for that. I started making her a nice red felt mary-jane shoes but made the mistake of not making 2 at the same time for uniformity.

So at the moment, she only has one shoe and hence why I call her Lou-Lou with Only One Shoe. I may actually just keep her that way.

I want to make another one but this time make her a little bit bigger. So without further ado, here is Lou-Lou


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