Felt Food

I told myself to put a hold on any spending on craft supplies until after end of financial year (plan is to start tracking my expenses and sales for the new financial year). However, I broke that idea yesterday when I bought patterns for felt food from UmeCrafts etsy shop

At first I wanted to buy this coffee and tea set from IKEA but hubby advised against it as it’s made of stoneware. Yeah, probably not such a good idea especially as both are in the stage of throwing things about.


I saw UmeCraft’s coffee and tea set a couple of weeks back and had to get it.

DIY Felt Cafe Drinks and Desserts - Cafe Mocha, Latte, Cappuccino, Lemon Meringue Pie, Cheesecake, Brownie (Patterns and Instructions via Email)
 Joshua’s imagination is flourishing and I want to take advantage of it by having creative play with him. When we’re out and about, sometimes as a little treat we get him a baby-cino


So these felt food pattern is a great investment. I first made a cafe mocha and showed it to Josh when he woke up from his nap yesterday. His big wide eye amazement is just so precious. He pretended to sip from it, blow it as if it was hot and enjoyed having his “coffee” with mum.

I bought 4 pattern sets altogether (Cafe Set, Ice Cream Set, Sliced Fruit Set and Fast Food Set) and slowly making food pieces from it one at a time.

I made an icecream cone and Zach has taken it and used it as a teething toy – the tip of the cone is soaking wet, but I just love how he is enjoying it.

I also made a watermelon and can’t wait until I make the whole sets so we can have a picnic.

UmeCrafts also has a blog Lit’l Brown Bird that has some great free patterns and tutorials. Check out her gallery page, those felt sushi are fantastic!

So here is Josh last night with some of his felt food.


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