Preschool Dressing Skills Made Fun – Buttons

Remember the fabric cubby house I made for the boys?

Flat sheet cubby house


Well since then (back in March) I haven’t done anything at all to it. So today, I thought I’d start adding curtains to it. But instead of just having normal old type curtains, I thought I’d do something educational and add buttons to it to help Josh with his dressing skills.


So off I went and gathered the supplies – fabric below which I hadn’t used for anything else since the toddler backpack


and 3 big black buttons. Today I sewed my very first buttonholes – still a bit wonky, but for the curtain’s purpose, not too bad.




I sewed the 3 buttons and attached the curtain to the cubby house.


I also sewed on 3 ties to the top so it can be rolled up


Once I assembled it all, I called Joshua over, showed him how to do and undo the buttons and he loves it. Next window will be with a zipper.


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