Basketball Mariane Doll Keychains – WIP

I’ll let the following pictures tell the story of what I’ve been up to this weekend (apart from having a cold).

Armed with coffee, I took over the dining table, set to work on Mariane Doll keychains for an Under 12 Girls’ Basketball team.

I made myself a nice little production line and worked on putting the body together – legs first, then their little shoes.


I then worked on putting their tiny little red uniforms on …


… then their team numbers (I am still awaiting on 2 more numbers to go on). 


I hand embroided “2010” on the back of the jerseys to represent this year’s tournament.


Next the heads go on


I next put on the hair in various colours …


The girls’ hair are in ponytails when they play, so their little keychain Mariane Dolls’ hair are too


So this is where they’re at at the moment. They just need their arms and the little keychain tags to go on. Should have it all done by tomorrow.


One thought on “Basketball Mariane Doll Keychains – WIP

  1. FANTASTIC!! Dean can’t wait to give these to the girls at their tournament in Melbourne this weekend!

    Don’t forget to make up a poster for him to put up at the stadium for end of season presents.

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