That was a fun exercise. Thank you to all those that visited my blog and left a comment. Who knew though that it’d be hard to try & give free bags away. The 100th post had a lot of traffic, however not many left a comment.


For those that did leave a comment, thank you all. So who won the wristlet and camera case?


First bag was the Yellow and White Stripe Clutch Keychain Wristlet:


First random number is #5:


And #5 is … Eleonor! who said:

“Great giveaways! My favourite superhero would have to be Mr Incredible from The Incredibles. He’s strong, compassionate, a good family man and knows how to kick butt.”



The second giveaway is the Camera Case Wristlet:


Second random number is #2:


And #2 is … A-M who said:

“I’m a follower! :)”

YAY A-M! Well done.


Ladies, please e-mail me your postal address so I can post your CYSN bags on


It was great to read back on my first 100 posts – how much my boys have grown in the last 5 months and all my different projects.

Here’s to more posts in the future! 



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