Egg Carton Toy Train

Okay, this is nothing new. Many have done this at pre-schools, mums around the world and on Playschool, but to me it was the right moment for me to make it and for Josh to really enjoy it.

I made myself fried eggs this morning and it was the last 2 in the carton. I was about to throw the carton out when I wondered whether Josh’s Fisher-Price Little People would fit in the carton cups.

So I gathered his 10 Little People + a cat and a luggage and placed them in the 12 slots – they fit, they fit!

So I cut the carton in half and got a jersey fabric scrap (from the Rope Necklace Scarf) to join the 2 together. I put the Little People in it and presented it to Josh – oh, the look on his face was just so wonderful!



I then got the box my camera tripod came in (I didn’t throw it out before as I was saving it for such an occasion), I put some of Josh’s foam blocks on it and he made a train station out of it. His imagination is just going wild at the moment and it’s lovely listening to the little stories he makes up.


Zach was napping at the time and I preempted what may happen when he wakes and sees Josh’s new toy. I told Josh that when Zach sees it, Zach may want to play with it, so he had to make sure not to get upset and push Zach away. He was nodding his head and saying “Yes, uhum” and I wondered whether he really understood what I was saying to him.

When Zach woke up, it was so nice to see when Josh pointed to his new toy and said  “Zach, look … train”. He didn’t get upset either when Zach grabbed it and toppled all the Little People out onto the floor.  It’s great to know he comprehends what we say to him.


Now Zach, apart from getting a hold of my pin cushion this morning and playing with the pins, is growing up very fast too. He’s little personality is coming out and is getting very cheeky.

Here he is the other night enjoying his Dad’s spaghetti bolognese.


And here he is using his brother’s guitar as horsey-horsey.


I love my little guys!


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