WOW! What a month it’s been

This month has been sooo busy –  I’ve made bags, baby booties, hair accessories and the rope necklace scarves (which to my surprise are going very well). It has been tiring (in a good way) and sometimes I wish there was more time in a day for me to fit in all I want to do and make.

It hasn’t been easy this past few weeks as more of Zach’s teeth are trying to come out – so haven’t had a happy baby during the middle of the night.

Unfortunately the bags didn’t sell at Lennox as their retail sales is not as good during winter and they couldn’t take on any more stock for the moment. I contemplated whether to mention this or not, as I was a little bit sad that they didn’t sell, however the sales I’ve made in the last week has given me a big boost.

I can’t wait for the start of the new financial year as I really want to gauge how well this hobby of mine is going.


So here’s what I have been making:

Zip Clutches (pattern by Keyka Lou)


Business Card Wallets (pattern by Keyka Lou)


Stylish Shopper Bag pattern by (Dimensions 16″ X 24.5″) 
– this would look so much nicer that the green bags when you do your grocery shopping.


Buckle Clutch Bags (pattern by

Absolutely love how these clutches turned out and the buckles are just so classy (Dimensions 10″ X 5″ X 2″)


Custom orders of the Clarita Bag (Keyka Lou’s City Tote pattern enlarged at 125%)


Rope Necklace Scarves – 74-80″ (length depends on the tension of the knit fabric)


By the way, did you notice the dressmaker’s dummy? I borrowed it from my Mum – thanks Mum! Makes it easier to model the Rope Necklace Scarves and bags.


I also made my own tags to go in my creations. I just printed “CYSN” on a piece of calico (which I cut into an A4 size to fit the printer) – worked out well. I just used clear nail polish to stop the sides from fraying.



Remember the little green baby booties I made with the red aeroplane applique? I gave it to my friend Anne-Marie for her nephew Spider (cool name huh?). Here he is modelling it (with his mum Caitlan). I love it when my creations fit – he’s just too cute.


And last but not least, it was my husband’s birthday on the 21st. I made him a little love note that I hand embroided (inspiration from here)


Happy Birthday Edward! Mwah!


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