My Own Style Zippered Clutch Bag

Ok, bought quite a few bag patterns now and getting a lot better in my sewing techniques – plus my sewing machine and I are becoming very good friends.     

So I’ve made business card wallets, pocket clutches, messenger bags, granny bags, clutch purses, totes – many different size bags. So I’m getting the hang of making them.   

While I have a few orders in the pipeline, plus making a bag range to send off next Thursday, my mind is constantly trying to think up of bag designs I want to create myself.    

 And this is my first … it is a very simple zippered clutch in a rectangular shape (dimension: W 8.5″ x H 5.5″ x D 1″) with an internal pocket to fit your cards. The first one I made was in the MAJKEN fabric with a green internal lining and matching fabric flower brooch.    


The next fabric I used was the STOCKHOLM in Pink Leaves that I had bought from IKEA earlier in the week. I used yellow lining with a matching yellow fabric flower brooch. 



I also fell in love with this black and white stripe fabric:   


 This next clutch was inspired by this Valentino bag:  


I really like the bow feature and that it doubles as the wristlet strap. Here is my take on it:    



It has a black lining with the black and white stripe fabric for the pocket plus the bow is a detachable brooch. I really love this … so now just have to find an occassion to wear it to.     

So that is my first venture in making my own design and pattern for my zippered clutch bag – not rocket science, but it’s mine.     

These bags will be available for purchase soon, but in the meantime, if you are interested, leave a comment or e-mail me.


2 thoughts on “My Own Style Zippered Clutch Bag

  1. wow this is just what I am looking for do you have one I cpuld purchase now to be delivered by saturday 15th sept please


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