Jersey Rope Necklace Scarf

On Thursday, I took the boys out of the flat as we’d been in there for a few days without venturing outside.

So I rugged them up – getting a bit chilly now and off we went and caught the monorail into the city.

We had some lunch and went up and down on the different floors of Myer’s – Josh loves pressing the button to retrieve a lift and also the close button once inside. I also spotted him trying to hold the door open even when noone else was getting in … the things kids copy, hey?

We got off on the 4th floor to see if the DVD movies were on special. On this floor is also the young urban style fashion for men and women. I spotted a necklace/scarf made from stretched jersey knit on a mannequin and I had to have a look. I took it off the model and studied it as I wanted to make one for myself. I don’t have a picture of it, but let me tell you, the one I made is very similar to it.

So later that night (I mean, later … I didn’t get to bed until 4am as I wanted to finish it to be able to wear it the next day. The time wasn’t wasted – I watched a few episodes of the first season of Dexter) I got out my grey knitted jersey fabric and proceeded cutting strips to make the necklace.

The great thing about this necklace/scarf is you can wear it in many different ways – here are 2 of them:


This first one is just doubled over. You can either have the jointed part at the back of the neck or show it off here as a feature.


The second version is looped over twice again, but this time has a crisscrossed effect as a feature:



You can crisscross it 3 times so it sits higher on the neckline or even if you’re tall enough (which I’m not – just under 5 foot) you can wear it without looping it over.

I have a lot of the knitted jersey in quite a few colours (Lincraft had a sale on them a while back). My original use for them was going to be children’s tees, but that may have to wait 😛 – I want to make more of these and I think the bright coloured fabric I have would be great to brighten an outfit.


We also went to Lincraft where I bought a few buttons to use for when I make the baby booties. I also spotted this sleeve ironing board and had to get it:


It’s handy for when I iron finished products that’re way too small to get into the corners on the big ironing board.

Let me know what colour you think this jersey rope necklace scarf would be great in.


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