Zip Clutch

The Zip Clutch pattern from Keyka Lou’s etsy was the second pattern I bought from her, but this is the first time I’ve tried it. Not too sure why it took me so long (purchased it end of March), maybe the zipper bit?

Anyhoo, I tried it today as I wanted to try out one of the fabrics I bought from IKEA last night (with 5 other fabrics + another table to use as my cutting table).


The pattern comes in 3 different sizes – small, medium and large. I tried out the medium one with dimensions: 7.5″ wide x 4.5″ high x 2″ deep.

It looks quite nice actually. Next time, I will put a little pocket inside to hold a couple of cards (ATM card and driver’s license) + put a wristlet strap. I will try it out in the large size in the same fabric and see how that one goes.


Here’s the clutch with Zach’s Little Lamb pillow (Josh wanted me to take a photo of the bag with it :)).


Remember the mess I make of our dining table?


It constantly had my projects and mess on it and I had to clear it every meal time. So last night, I bought another table from IKEA which I now use for my cutting and mess.


As for the boys, they’ve been SO wonderful. Their little personalities are coming through more now and hubby and I can see that they’re gonna be such great mates (spoke too soon … they’re just wrestling for a toy now :D)

Zach taking it easy

Big smile from Joshy

Here Josh is pointing to his toy plane which he wanted me to take a photo of


I have a few custom orders to do this month + make lots of bags by next Thursday to try to sell at another retail store in Lennox, NSW. So better get crackin’.

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