Hair Accessories

Ok, been making quite a few handbags and hopefully a few will sell this weekend. I’ve also been dabbling in hair accessories as well. I used to make felt barettes a couple of years back but I found that they took a bit of time to make but not as much financial return.

However, I’ve been seeing that they’re in fashion at the moment. Headbands and  flower hairclips are not just for the little girls – big girls too are making them part of their outfit. Here are a few of the things I’ve made:

Rose Barrettes (tutorial from Purl Bee)


Felt Flowers – thinking of making these both as hairclips and brooch in one (just waiting for my supply of barrettes and brooch pins to arrive)


Felt Headbands – I made one for myself and they look great if I say so myself – got a compliment on them the other day.


The weather is getting colder now, so I grabbed a ribbed headband I knitted last year – so of course I wanted to knit some to try to sell (pattern from DROPS found here) – will post pics when I’ve done a few and will try to get my mum to model it for me.

In the meantime, I am cleaning my sewing area again as it got pretty messy after all the bag making marathon I did last week.



Progress – some fabrics folded neatly:


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One thought on “Hair Accessories

  1. ha ha I can see my gorgeous clarita bags before they were even born/created…. rolled up in a very organised fashion I must say!

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