2 New Pretty Bags

Another pattern I bought from etsy’s sewingwithme3 is the Pretty Bag – and it sure is pretty.

The 2 fabrics I used are both from IKEA and is from the GUNILLA range. The first one is in turquoise:


The bag has pleats in the middle with double straps. I matched it with an orange polka dot lining and matching fabric flower brooch. It has one internal pocket and is quite roomy and great for everyday use.

Dimensions: 15″ (widest part) x H 10″ x D 4″ with a 17″ straps.

Thanks to my Mum for modelling the bag for me. 


The second one is in black/multicolour with a baby blue lining and matching fabric flower brooch.


Now the brooch you can take off and put with other bags or pin it on your favourite tee to brighten it up.


 Now I am having these bags available on etsy (soon) now as custom order listings as these ones are heading to the retail store in Young, NSW.


One thought on “2 New Pretty Bags

  1. I am loving all your bags!! Been a bit behind on checking your posts so am catching up now. You’ve been busy!! I’d like to place an order for a bag the same as the one you made for Nicolien recently… denim type material with zip and longer shoulder strap. I tried it on the other day and it’s perfect. No rush though. Thank you! A-M

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