2 B or Not to B

I have 2 “B’s” in my life at the moment: my boys and my bags. For the last few days, I have been busy making my bags:


So today, I spent some special time with my 2 little guys. We played horsie on mummy’s back, played ball and lots of chasing and tickles. Surprisingly, both of them went down for their nap at 10am.

This meant I had atleast an hour of free time. I didn’t really want to start on a new bag project, however, I wanted to make something for Josh.

One of the boys’ favourite DVD movie at the moment is Ratatouille and Zach just laughs everytime the head chef Skinner is on the screen. Also, Josh loves pretending to cook in one of his pots and pans toy. So I thought I’d make him a chef’s hat.

I got the free pattern from YouCanMakeThis.com. So while they slept, I sourced out some white fabric scrap from my fabric bin. It was quite easy to make and turned out well. I used the size S Toddler for Joshua.  


Here they are resting after playtime, eating some cookies.

My little Masterchef (with a scratch on his nose – Mummy didn’t get to cut his nail in time before they got too long again :()


Zach with his gorgeous little smile.


My gorgeous little guys – growing up so fast.


My cookie monster.


Here Josh is only smiling for the camera because he wanted another cookie – cheeky, already bargaining with his mum.


Thanks boys (especially hubby) for being so patient with me, especially during those cranky times due to lack of sleep. xxx


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