The Clarita Bag

We went to IKEA on Monday (ANZAC Day Public Holiday) and bought some great fabrics. The first one I used was the Sofia Narrow Stripe in Yellow and White 



I used the Keyka Lou’s City Tote pattern but enlarged it to 125% and omitted the outside pocket. I also used black webbing for the strap. 

When I first made this bag, I didn’t use interface on the focus fabric but I did on the yellow lining as it was quite thin. However, once I finished the whole bag, I found that it was still way too thin and flimsy. So I unstitched it and cut out another 2 pieces of the main pattern in a yellow flannelette I had in my stash. 

The finish is so much better, so soft and adds that little bit of padding without being too thick. 



Because I really didn’t want to anything else to it (like a flower or any applique) the bag just didn’t look finished. 

So I used Keyka Lou’s Box Wallet pattern – at first when I made one earlier, I just thought the wallet was too small, however, what I did with it was sew a tab on one side. Then made a wristlet strap with a swivel hook on one end and sewed a loop in the other. I had also bought clip rings from Dymocks to use as keychain ring. Worked out well I think. 



So the wallet can be used on its own, attach the clip ring to it with your keys. The wristlet keychain can also be used by itself or of course put them both together and use it with your bag – which I called the Clarita Bag (after my mum) and then the smaller size City Tote bag I am calling the Clari Bag. 



Oh, I also used the Clover Bias Tape maker (25mm) that I ordered from Nicole Mallieu Design for the first time, to make the wristlet strap. This made it sooo easy to iron the strap in place without burning my fingers with the iron. 


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