Roma Bag

Okay, with Mother’s Day coming up, I needed to think up of presents to give to my Mum and Mother-in-law. Mum’s one has been taken care of – I gave her a zebra print messenger bag (photo to post soon). Next I had to think of what to give Roma, my mother-in-law. Then I thought why not give her one of my Granny Bags (the Keyka Lou Sweetheart Shopper) – hubby thought this was a great idea too.

I used one of the fabrics I bought the other day from Lincraft.


I had to unstitch the focus fabric the first time I sewed it together as the interfacing was making the fabric bubble and pucker. At first I wasn’t going to make this and just use the cut pieces for another smaller pattern. But what I did (which turned out really great and a technique I may use more often from now on) is sew on another drill fabric onto the focus fabric (one I had in my fabric stash already). It gave the bag a nice weight without being stiff – love it. And of course I also made another kanzashi flower brooch for that extra special finish.


This one too I have to make another one of. If you’re interested in this bag let me know and I can reserve the next one I make for you.


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