Plaid Shoulder Bag

It’s amazing at how I look at things now, whether fabrics or clothes – I see how I can make bags or clutches out of them. Also the sale items and bargains bins are a great source for inspirations. Here’s one of the fabrics I bought from Lincraft the other day.   

It’s actually curtain fabric which already had rubber backing (to keep the heat and cold out), so I didn’t need to fuse interfacing on it to make it thicker – fabulous! It cost $9.99/metre but I just bought 1/2 a metre of it. 

 The first bag I made with this fabric is the Sweetheart Shopper pattern. The inspiration for this bag came from Dakine Nina Shoulder Bag and I just had to make one similar to it.   

Photo courtesy of Dakine


And here is my version:    

I wanted to make it a bit girly so I added a kanzashi (Japanese hair ornaments made by folding fabrics into flower like designs) to it in the same plaid fabric, then added a bronze button in the middle. I made this flower into a brooch so it can be pinned to other things (like tops or other bags).   

 Now the only question is: keep it for myself or sell? Hmmm … I want it! So, I will have to make another one. Let me know what your thoughts are.


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