Pocket Clutches

I have been making a few of Keyka Lou’s Pocket Clutch and they are just adorable. I have made 2 for myself and given one away already. But here are 2 that I am selling.

This cute pouch has two pockets – the main pouch pocket and a second pocket built into the front. The front pocket extends across the width of the clutch and is sewn closed just a bit along the top of each side to give it some security. I also added an extra pocket in the lining to hold my cards (ATM card and driver’s license).

The clutch closes with a flap and magnetic snap.

It is fully interfaced and then an extra layer of  batting adds some structure and padding.

This first one is in cream and navy plaid fabric (which my friend Amanda gave to me which she had bought for her son when he was little – he’s now in his early 20s I think) with cream linen lining.


The second one is made from a zebra printed cord with solid red lining:


NB: I really should try to take photos of my stuff during day time and in natural light – just very difficult when my littlest one likes to touch either the lens of the camera or the merchandise.


Now I really like the way this clutch is made and it fits most of my things in it – cards (up to 15 actually), mobile phone, keys and money (notes and coins). Now it gets a bit too crowded when I want to put my lip gloss in there too.

So I thought I’d enlarge the pattern to make it a bit bigger. Got the hubby to enlarge the pattern in his office to 125% and I made a pocket clutch that size. Now with the closing tab on it, it just looked too big and didn’t look as cute anymore. However, I did like the size of it, so I just omitted the tab bit and made it into a nice size clutch.

 I made 3 in this size and added fabric flower to it as embellishment.


Now just trying to figure out which of the 2 styles:

  • Smaller pocket clutch 7″ x 4″ OR
  • The bigger ones with flower 9″ x 5″

 I will put straps on to make into wristlet? I’m thinking the smaller ones – which one do you think?


2 thoughts on “Pocket Clutches

  1. Im loving all the bags that you are making. I make some simple drawstring and shopper type bags but the clutch bags etc all look a bit complicated when I look at the patterns.

    Seeing how prolific you are with your bags and purses I’m suspecting its not that its difficult I just need to practice a bit and be braver about what I’m going to take on!

    By the way I think the pinky purple silky bag would look good with a wrist strap…good for weddings when you’ve got the kids and you want something nice that you wont lose amongst the kids things!

    • Thanks for the comment Patchwork Queen. With 2 little boys I need projects that are quick and easy and Keyka Lou’s are great as it only needs a few pieces of pattern and her instructions are easy to follow. Thanks for the feedback also.

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